All about Lana Berry

Welcome to our Lana Berry page!

We would like to introduce ourselves and let you know what our roles are in our little Berry Business.

We are a family owned and operated business. There is Yvonne, the very talented seamstress with over 40 years experience in the fashion industry. Then there is her daughter Bobbi - Bobbi helps pick out the styles, fabrics and helps to put colours together. Bobbi also bulk cuts the beautiful fabric, which is where the process begins. Bobbi is also in charge of customer service, business accounts/invoicing and answering all of your correspondence. If you ask a question, It will be me that answers :). 

Our Delivery times varies from 3-5 weeks depending on when the items are ordered. For a normal order we allow 3 week delivery period. For sales we like to allow up to 5 weeks as we have a huge influx of orders during this time.

We have built our little business up to have over 2000 customers! We appreciate everyones support!

We love our little business and our customers!